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04 July 2008


sape ni?mcm bapok jee


Jika anda ingin mendapatkan informasi/gosip/isu semasa terbaru anda boleh melanggan secara percuma

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Anonymous said...

pereka bj yg minah tu pakai kot.

Anonymous said...

tht is make up artiste. quite popular between celebrities in m'sia.

Anonymous said...

no he is a designer. his name is amir luqman.

ikan_mati said...

dmn u amir luqman.. pakai high heels.

Anonymous said...


she is pretty. and no she is not a bapok.

whoever label people as bapok, clearly you live in the cave. this is 2008, get on the program already, you fucking ignorant outdated malay loser.

Anonymous said...

Dude/Dudette, ur dumb!.. bapok is a term for faggot and clearly he/she/it is one. Stop living in fucking denial!!!

Anonymous said...

so, you have the rights to label people just because they look or appear different and not a total conformist like your nasty ass?

yeah if he is bapok, he makes tons of money compared to your poor, papa kedana ass, her income probably takes more than selling your mom's ass at chow kit.

Anonymous said...

Its a WORD given for people who behave/dress a certain way!!.. Conformist or not?, i don’t give a fuck.. Its a TERM, just deal with it..

Making lotsa money? AGAIN! i dont care.. we are not talking abt how successful one is!!!. Stop writting rubbish, maybe you are the one hallucinating being cool, and what not, pathetic loser! In a nut shell 'you blotch sadly as a person!'..