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31 May 2008

Without Two Legs

The image “http://www.dogsonly.org/Images/Faith1T.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Faith, who suffers from a birth defect, became a member of the Stringfellow family of Oklahoma City when she was just a three -week old puppy. Puppies like Faith are rarely rescued and given a chance, but the Stringfellow family are remarkable in their own right.

Teaching Faith to stand upright wasn’t the only challenge faced by Faith and her family. Because Faith's front legs were mere vestiges of what they should have been, they began to atrophy and die. Faith had to undergo surgery to remove them.

Dogs need 4 legs to walk…or do they?
Well most of them do, but not wonder dog Faith. She was born with deformities, she only had one front leg and it had to be removed when she was 7 months because it was starting to atrophy. But thanks to the care of her adoptive owners Faith managed to survive and grow into an amazing dog. She learned to move by using only her 2 remaining legs, but, according to her owners although it was a very difficult process, it was also natural.

anjing ni dilahirkan cacat tanpa dua kaki hadapan tapi masih boleh menghadapi cabaran dunia ini dengan hati yang tabah. boleh memberi iktibar tehadap manusia yang merasakan dunia gelap apabila kecelakaan menimpa mereka...


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1 comment:

zul randy 241 said...

btol 2..
mnusia kna ambl iktibar
tntg ini..